Australia-wide CASA Certified Drone Training Provider

CASA Certified Drone Training

Wicked Copters is the only CASA-certified drone training organisation approved to the new 2023 Manual of Standards (MOS) to offer up to 25kg Multi Rotor, Aeroplane, Helicopter and Powered Lift drone training. Wicked Copters is also approved by CASA for sub 150 kg (Medium RePL, model specific). We also provide a number of specialised and industry-focused advanced courses.

As innovators, Wicked Copters introduced the first on-line Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) drone training program and created the first Safe to Fly? App for drone pilots. We are now leading the way by offering the new MOS training syllabus via interactive webinars online to ensure that our students gain the necessary knowledge and practical competencies for the new legislation and compliance in Australia.

Since commencing aviation training in 2011, we have continuously improved our training material, and are continuously up-skilling our instructors to maintain standards above that of industry requirements. Hence Wicked Copters was the first organisation approved by CASA in April 2020 to transition to the new Part 101 MOS enabling us to deliver the latest drone training material from June 2020 and we remain the only training organisation to be 100% MOS compliant.

Our ReOC services include Crop Spraying, Bug Dropping, Swarming and EVLOS / BVLOS procedures developed to comply with the latest MOS, so why not choose Wicked Copters, the team that will get you ahead of the competition? We also build, supply, modify and operate drones commercially, so our team knows the capabilities and applications of drones and software suitable to your needs.

We have the industry’s best practice instructor-to-student ratios - one instructor to two students in the field for Multi Rotor, and one on one for all other types. As new commercial drone models are increasing in capabilities and weight above 7kg (such as DJI Matrice 350), we recommend you complete a sub 25kg weight class wherever possible for future proofing your skill sets and employer demands.

Training Locations

Our headoffice and primary training centre is located in Brisbane, however offer training Australia Wide, including:

If you are not in the location listed above, no trouble at all, we can come to you too! Let us know via phone, email or chat.

Please contact us for any of your RPA needs - from drones through to corporate and / or specialised training. We can bundle discounted products and training to suite you.