Advanced CASA approved VLOS RePL sub 7kg and sub 25kg drone licence training across Australia, with additional E-VLOS / FPV, N-VLOS night operations, close proximity and populous area operations courses.

Our current and 2019 RePL courses are aligned with the new Part101 MoS due to be effective from the end of 2018.

The new Part101 MoS is due to be issued by end of 2018 and has an impact on RePL training and Operations:

The MOS introduces a tailor-made syllabus for remote pilot training, aiming to ensure that remote pilot training provides the necessary information and skills to ensure RPAS operations are safe for both the wider aviation industry and the public at large. The syllabus is also designed to improve professionalism in the RPAS industry, particularly as operations and equipment become more complex and remote pilots move on from simple visual-line-of-sight flying (e.g., into extended visual line of sight operations).

Delivery of the new syllabus will most likely entail additional training time, in the order of 1 to 2 days. This additional time will probably increase costs for an applicant for a remote pilot licence. However, CASA believes that the resultant improvement in the quality of remote pilots warrants the change in the interests of ongoing safety for the wider aviation industry and the public generally.

So why not get your RePL now with 10% discount when paying in full on order for drone training, plus group discounts are available for groups of 2 or more.

We are the only CASA approved RePL drone training organisation providing sub 7kg and sub 25kg Multi Rotor, Aeroplane, Helicopter and soon Powered Lift RePL drone training courses in Brisbane and nationwide on request, with the option of E-VLOS (and FPV), night operations (N-VLOS), close proximity (CP-VLOS) and populous area operations.

Wanting to to setup or integrate drones into your business, then our Drone Strategy Consulting service offers a turnkey solution encompassing training, operations and drones.

Our new Extended Visual Line of Sight (E-VLOS) and FPV course has just been launched.    In line with the new draft Part 101 MOS (released 24 Sept 2018), whereby ReOC holders will be able to obtain general approvals for E=VLOS, providing they meet all the conditions in the Part 101 MOS, this course will give the Chief Remote Pilot and / or assistant CRP’s the experience and knowledge to prepare for planning and executing their EVLOS operations, using FPV as an adjunct to visual observations.

Drone Night Flying N-VLOS Certification courses are also available to help Chief Remote Pilots and Pilots flying under a ReOC to meet and comply with their special operations and procedures.

Whether you fly excluded or included RPA, our Drone Mapping and Surveying Course, 3D Modelling Course and / or our Drone Photography and Waypoint Course will help you develop your skills and business opportunities in the fast growing drone application industry.

High School Drone Training Programs: We have two RePL drone licence program options for high schools enabling their students to gain a sub 7kg (or sub 25kg) RePL. Please contact us if you are interested in your school or high school student obtaining the RePL drone licence/s.

Want To Fly Drones For A Living?

Whether you want to add aerial capabilities to your existing arsenal of work skills, or are just looking for a new career path, then become a CASA certified remote pilot through one of our drone licence training courses. Aerial photography using drones is more popular than ever, but many industries are turning to remotely piloted aircraft to save time and money, reduce risks and perform tasks that were impossible less than a decade ago.

RePL Course before and after the new Part101 MoS!

With a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) and operating under an ReOC, you are able to fly drones up to 25kg, and obtain permissions and exemptions from the restrictive Standard Operating Conditions, when required.  The October Directive (2017), updated Advisory Circular AC101-01 (July 2018) and the new Part101 MoS (expected Dec 2018) are giving RePL with ReOC holders more autonomy.

However, the new Part101 MoS is under review and open for comments, and will change the way in which you obtain an RePL and apply for an ReOC.  Here are some highlights:

Current RePL Training

  • Online and full time study available
  • Open book exam, 50 Questions, 90 minutes, 70% pass rate
  • Prior logged flight experience can be recognised
  • Instructors do not require Cert IV
  • Operations Training to vary Class and Type has no guidelines
  • Fly in GPS mode (with some ATTI) for practical training
  • Courses of 4 to 5 days duration
  • Up to 70% can be completed online
  • Current Chief Pilot and ReOC Application easy and inexpensive

RePL training under new Part101 MoS

  • Minimum of 15 hours personal contact time
  • Closed book exam, 80 questions in 90 minutes, 75% pass rate
  • Prior logged flight time may not be recognised
  • Further theory questions during practical training
  • Advanced manual flight skills required.
  • AROC and ELP will be 6 hour separate course
  • Operational training to be defined for varying Type and Class of licence
  • Course duration extended by 2 days
  • New Chief Pilot and ReOC applications higher standard and cost

We Make It Easy

We tailor our courses to suit our students’ background and ability, and offer a wealth of commercial operation knowledge to help you achieve your goals on any aerial platform. Our courses are conducted nationwide (online at your own pace or instructor led tuition), and our assessment dates are flexible. Courses run in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart, Airlie Beach and all rural areas Australia wide with iBEV.

If you do not live in the main city centres, chances are we will be passing through your town enroute to our next course any way, so let us know your course location preference and we will try our best to get to you.  Our mobile classroom (iBEV) enables you to complete your course in any location along our route.

Drone Licence Training Courses

  CASA Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)
Multi RotorAeroplanePowered
Prior Flight
Drone Weight Class<7kg<25kg<7kg<25kg<7kg<7kg<25kg
From Beginner to Experienced Remote PilotRePL - Online or 4 day ClassBook HereBook HereBook HereBook HereBook HereBook Here
Radio Licence with ELP Completed
with RePL Course
RPAQ Advanced Training
Experienced Pilots
Practical Night Flying and Close Proximity CertificationBook HereXXXXX
Photography / Waypoints CourseBook HereXXXX
Mapping / Surveying CourseBook HereXXXX
MediaBook HereXXXX
EngineeringBook HereXXXX
3D Modelling CourseBook HereXXXX

Business and Drone Bundles

  Sub25kg Restricted
Drone Weight Class<7kg<25kg
RePL, AROC and ReOC Business BundlesOnline or 4 day classBook HereBook Here

Manned Pilot Conversion and Operations Training

  CASA sub 25kg Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)
Multi RotorAeroplaneHelicopter
Prior Flight
Restricted - Brisbane
Drone Weight Class<7kg<25kg<7kg<25kg<7kg<25kg
From Beginner to Experienced PilotOnline plus half dayBook HereBook HereBook HereBook HereBook HereBook Here
Advanced Training
Experienced Pilots
Practical Night Flying and Close Proximity CertificationBook HereBook HereXXXX

We run our our RePL courses in the main cities during the weeks listed below.  We also run our courses in regional areas and towns too. See all our course locations here. 

MonthAdelaideAirlie BeachCanberraBrisbaneDarwinMelbourneSydneyPerth
Oct 201830 Oct (Full))22 Oct (Full)29 Oct (Full)22 Oct23 Oct (Full),
29 Oct (Full)
Nov 201813 Nov (Full),
19 Nov (Full)
26 Nov (Full)5 Nov (Full)5 Nov (Full)
15 Nov (Full),
19 Nov (Full),
20 Nov (Full),
26 Nov (Full)
6 Nov (Full)26 Nov
6 Nov (Full),
12 Nov (Full)
Dec 201810 Dec (Full)10 Dec (Full)3 Dec,
10 Dec (Full),
17 Dec
11 Dec (Full)
17 Dec (Full)
17 Dec
Jan 20197 Jan,
14 Jan,
29 Jan
21 Jan21 Jan

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