Wicked Copters provides CASA Approved RePL Licence, Operation and Drone Training in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Dubbo, Wagga, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Regional Australia.

Wicked Copters are leaders in providing RePL  Multi Rotor , Fixed Wing and Helicopter Drone Licence Training for sub 7kg, up to 25kg throughout Australia.

We offer CASA approved RePL Drone Licence Training in person and virtually (online) nationally. Our complete range of drone licence training courses will give you the Remote Pilot Licence or Drone Licence you need.

The RePL drone licence enables you to fly at night for example, in accordance with your RPA Operating Certificate (ReOC) procedures.

We have had over 350 students successfully go through our Wicked Copters drone training program, from beginners with no experience to advanced pilots.

Call us now on (07) 3715 5534 or 0418 151 636 or email us on [email protected]

Needing a Remote Pilot Licence (Drone Licence)? We offer RePL drone training courses online and in class from $1895!

Do you already have a Manned Aircraft Pilot Licence or a RePL? We offer RePL Operation / Conversion Training.

We can help you build your operational manual and library, and advise you what to expect during your ReOC assessment.

Want to improve or learn new skills? Mapping, Aerial Photography, Waypoint Systems and other courses are available.

Our Team of Industry Experts

Our CASA approved RePL drone licence training instructors are experienced sub 25kg certified Drone Remote Pilots, flying missions and training every week. Because we fly commercially, we know and understand the craft and cameras used in the drone industry.  Each instructor brings a unique aspect in their field to our drone training and photography courses providing a comprehensive learning experience.

Our Clients

And many more fully satisfied customers.

Why choose Wicked Copters?

  1. Delivering CASA approved multi rotor, fixed wing and helicopter drone training since 2014,
  2. We offer a range of flexible training options to suit you,
  3. 350+ successful students,
  4. Full student support, before, during and after courses,
  5. Support for your ReOC assessment,
  6. Qualified and passionate instructors and staff.