Advanced CASA approved RePL drone training in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart, Mackay and all rural areas Australia wide.


Want To Fly Drones For A Living?

If you’re after a career change, or want to expand your skillset for your current job, becoming a CASA certified remote pilot, through our drone training courses, can greatly increase your potential. Aerial photography using drones is more popular than ever, but many industries are turning to remotely piloted aircraft to save time and money, reduce risks and perform tasks that were impossible less than a decade ago.

We are the only CASA approved RePL drone training organisation providing multi rotor, aeroplane and helicopter sub 25kg RePL drone training courses nationwide. All our RePL courses were updated and approved by CASA in June 2017 and comply fully with the 20 June 2017 drone training guidelines.

Benefits of Being Licenced

While CASA allows commercial drone operations on aircraft under 2kg, there are restrictions in place. The main drawback is the inability to fly within 3nm (5.5km) of aerodromes and Restricted Areas,  or obtain public liability insurance (unless holding a RePL), which can severely limit your areas of drone operation. With a Remote Pilot License (RePL) you are able to fly aircraft over 2kg and obtain permissions and exemptions from the Standard Operating Conditions.

Excluded (<2kg)

  • Must remain more than 30m from people
  • Cannot fly within 5.5km of non-controlled aerodromes
  • Cannot fly within 5.5km of controlled aerodromes
  • Cannot obtain public liability insurance (unless holding a certificate or RePL)
  • Cannot fly at night
  • Cannot apply for permissions or exemptions from Standard Operating Conditions

RePL (<7kg and <25kg) operating under a ReOC

  • Can fly up to 15m from people
  • Can fly within 5.5km of non-controlled aerodrome
  • Can fly in controlled airspace (with radio certification)
  • Can obtain public liability insurance
  • Can fly at night
  • Can apply for permissions and exemptions (e.g. operation within 5.5km of a towered aerodrome)

We Make It Easy

Wicked Copters has been involved in UAV / RPA operations and training since 2013 and is one of the first CASA approved drone training organisations in Australia. We tailor our courses to suit our students’ background and ability, and offer a wealth of commercial operation knowledge to help you achieve your goals on any platform. Our courses are conducted nationwide (online at your own pace or instructor led tuition), and our assessment dates are flexible.

If you do not live in the main city centres, chances are we will be passing through your town enroute to our next course any way, so let us know your course location preference and we will try our best to get to you.  Our mobile classroom (iBEV) enables you to complete your course in any location.

All our CASA related courses are GST free too.

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Need a Remote Pilot Licence (Drone Licence)? We offer RePL (<7kg and <25kg) and Excluded (<2kg) drone training courses online and in class.

Do you already have a Manned Aircraft Pilot Licence or a RePL? We offer Operation / Conversion Training for upgrades to weight class and conversion to a new type.

We can develop your operational manual and library, and advise you what to expect during your ReOC assessment.

Want to improve or learn new skills? Mapping, Aerial Photography, Waypoint Systems, IREX and other courses are available.

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