Choose Multi Rotor sub 7kg or sub 25kg, and assessed on our drone

  • To apply for your Remote Pilot Licence under 7kg if you hold a manned aviation licence, you submit form 101-01 together with our certificate and your proof of 5 hours logged directly to CASA or approved delegate, and you will need to pay the licence fee direct to CASA (currently $160).
  • To vary your existing Controller Certificate or Remote Pilot Licence for a different type, we submit form 101-05 direct to CASA and we pay the CASA licence fee.
  • You do not have to complete a flight test with CASA if you apply for a ReOC if qualified on our Type (Operation) Training for non-complex operations.

You will be required to successfully complete our Operation Training online theory beforehand,  and operation assessment to obtain the RePL.

Operation Training is for either:

  • current PPL, CPL or ATPL pilots wanting to obtain their Remote Pilot Licence in the under 7kg weight class.​
  • or for current UAV Controller Certificate or Remote Pilot Licence holders who wish to add a different type of craft to their existing drone licence.  This includes multirotor, fixed-wing and helicopter, and you will require at least 5 hours logged flying experience on your type.

Sub 7kg Operation Training is conducted at the end of our drone training courses in your area.


Sub 25kg Operation Training is only conducted in Airlie Beach, Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, and Sydney, or another venue by arrangement for groups.