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CASA Certified Drone Training

Wicked Copters is the only CASA-certified drone training organisation approved to the new 2020 Manual of Standards (MOS) to offer up to 25kg Multi Rotor, Aeroplane, Helicopter and Powered Lift* drone training. We also provide a number of specialised and industry-focused advanced courses.

We have the industry’s best practice instructor-to-student ratios - one instructor to two students in the field for Multi Rotor, and one on one for all other types. As new commercial drone models are increasing in capabilities and weight above 7kg (such as DJI Matrice 300), we recommend you complete a sub 25kg weight class wherever possible for future proofing your skill sets and employer demands.

Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) by RPA Type

This is a five day RePL course for students and includes your Radio Licence (AROC) and English Language Proficiency (ELP). Your RePL allows you to operate drones commercially in the excluded category or under a Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC). You will need to have accreditation to fly the correct type (e.g. Multi Rotor) and category (e.g Small, up to 25kg).

Multi Rotor

Multi Rotor Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) Course up to 25kg.


Aeroplane Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) Course up to 25kg.


Helicopter Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) Course up to 25kg.

Powered Lift*

Powered Lift Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) Course up to 25kg.

Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) by Pathway

CASA has different pathways to obtain or vary a RePL:

  • Flight Crew Licence holders (RPL, PPL, CPL, ATPL, ATC or equivalent) can obtain their RePL without having to complete the full RePL course.
  • Existing RePL licence holders can add a new type or upgrade the category of their existing licence.
  • The full RePL course applies to those with no Flight Crew Licence or existing RePL.

Initial Issue

Obtain your initial Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) with no manned aviation experience or existing RePL.

Manned - Initial

Initial RePL for Flight Crew Licence holders.


Upgrade your existing sub 7kg RePL to sub 25kg.

Add Type

Upgrade your existing RePL to include another type.

Advanced Training

Looking for more training? We offer a number of specialised courses.


We supply UgCS software and hardware; as well as provide advanced training including AI.


We offer face to face interactive drone maintenance courses, some of which include building, setting up, testing and flying your own drone.


If you are wanting to use your drone for mapping, asset inspection, and 3D modelling, then this course covers the practical operations and post-processing of your drone mapping images.


With clients becoming more demanding of high quality imagery from drones in all photo shoots these days, the importance of getting the footage right first time, every time is critical to keep your client and get paid for the job.

Altitude with Attitude

We are the only drone training organisation to have Multi Rotor, Aeroplane, Helicopter and Powered Lift* RPA’s up to 25kg..

As we build, customise, modify and operate most drone types commercially, our team of pilots and instructors know the practical capabilities and applications of drones and software suitable to your needs.

To be fully Part 101 Manual of Standards (MOS) compliant and hold a manual licence of value to your employer or business, we ensure that you can fly all types in non-GPS modes.

That is why we teach you to fly the types below in full compliance with the new MOS:

  • Multi-Rotors (Electric): GPS, Attitude, Waypoint and Tethered Training included.
  • Aeroplanes (Petrol and Electric): Hand and ground launch, manual, stabilised and GPS enabled flight
  • Helicopters (Petrol, Nitro and Electric): Manual, stabilised and GPS enabled flight
  • Powered Lift (Electric): GPS, transition and Attitude mode, including aeroplane and multi rotor competencies

Our courses are in depth, fully MOS compliant and yet enjoyable with our aim to have small class numbers and one instructor to two students in the field for Multi Rotor, and one on one for all other types.

In addition, we provide complex and non-complex ReOC consultations, audit preparations, documentation / specialised procedures (such as night and tethered operations) and Maintenance Controller / Chief Remote Pilot Training.

Please contact us for any of your RPA needs - from drones through to corporate and / or specialised training. We can bundle discounted products and training to suite you.

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