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Multi Rotor, Aeroplane, Helicopter, Powered Lift

Why choose Wicked Copters

for your CASA Drone Licence and Advanced Drone Training?

CASA approved RPA Drone Licence and qualifications, up to 150kg.

  • We come to you, anywhere in Australia!
  • Our courses are aligned to the new Part 101 MoS
  • Our course foundations are based on experience in the drone industry since 2010
  • Our certification and licences from sub 2kg Commercial to Sub 25kg RePL  are all accepted by Public Liability Insurance Providers
  • Our instructors are all qualified drone operators with vast industry experience, not academics
  • Our courses are regularly updated as legislation and technology changes
  • All students get free ongoing access to our digital notes
  • Free printed notes are also available for the courses
  • We answer your queries promptly before, during and after the course
  • You benefit from our ReOC consultation and documentation as they meet the highest corporate standards for TV, media, mining, agriculture, government and construction entities

Training Venues Australia Wide


Issue your RePL Licence on completion


Complex Operations


2019 Part 101 MoS Aligned


Online Study vs Class Room


RePL vs Operations Training


Drone Courses Offered

From RePL Drone Licence to Advanced Drone Training

ReOC Support

Support for complex and non-complex ReOC applications via CASA or a Delegate

  • Discuss Options
  • Technical Concept
  • Document Preparation
  • Chief Remote Pilot Assessment
  • Happy Client

Featured RePL Courses and ReOC BUSINESS BUNDLES

Not find a course or location suitable for you? Then contact us for a customised course and price.

Operations Training

From $795
    • CASA RePL sub 7kg, sub 25kg and sub 150kg Drone Licence
    • Operations Training
    • Study online with half day closeout 
    • Multi Rotor, Aeroplane, Helicopter and Powered Lift
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Online RePL sub 7kg Multi Rotor and Aeroplane

From $2,990
    • CASA RePL sub7kg Licence Multi Rotor
    • CASA RePL sub7kg Licence Aeroplane
    • Study theory online with 2 days closeout
    • Includes ELP and AROC
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Online RePL sub 25kg with AROC

From $2,495
    • CASA RePL sub25kg Licence
    • Fly different drones from our training fleet
    • Study online with 2 day in class
    • Includes AROC and ELP
    • Course available nation wide
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ReOC Business Bundle

From $4,695
    • Online theory or 4 day in class
    • CASA RePL sub 7kg or 25kg Licence
    • AROC and ELP
    • ReOC Documents and Support
    • ReOC CASA assessment fees included
Business Bundles

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