Wanting to use drones in your existing business, or wanting to start on your own in the Drone world? Then we may have something for you.

Implementing a drone strategy into your existing business is probably easier than you thought. You can obtain your RePL, AROC and ReOC through one of our cost effective Business Bundles or Ops in a Box and develop procedures within your existing companies structure.

For those who want to start a new Drone Business from scratch, the challenge may appear daunting.

There are three pathways to consider:

1/. Purchase a sub 2kg drone and fly under the restrictive Standard Operating Conditions. However you are one in tens of thousands of sub 2kg category pilots all fighting over a saturated market.

2/. Purchase a drone under the 25kg class (depending on the camera requirements) and qualify with our REPL, AROC and ReOC Business Bundles. This will get you into a professional market with higher returns.

3/. Purchase a drone under the sub 25kg class, obtain your RePL and AROC, and operate with us under our Ops in a Box program. This program obviates the need for an ReOC, with a nominal setup fee and monthly subscription (covering administration and compliance requirements).

Drone applications are varied including agriculture, mining, construction, photography, cinematography and first response, to name a few.

If you are not integrating drones into your current business or qualifications, but instead you are starting a drone business from scratch, there is a lot to consider such as identifying your clients / market, pricing, advertising, operations and administration.

In terms of employment in the drone industry, the construction, mining, environmental and agricultural sectors are recognising the benefits of inhouse employees (and sub contractors) with RePL qualifications.