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RePL: poweredlift (repl-initial)

This RePL course is for students with no manned aviation experience or existing RePL.

The theory is delivered through our interactive virtual classroom environment making it ideal for contact-free learning. Our virtual classroom sessions are available for day, night, or weekend studies.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a CASA-Issued Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) Powered Lift. You will also obtain the Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC) and English Language Proficiency (ELP). Wicked Copters also issues you with a Certificate of Attainment.

This course is approved by CASA and compliant with the new syllabus defined in the Part 101 MOS.

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Theory Component:

  • Delivery Method: Online Interactive Virtual Classroom
    • Studio: We run multiple hardware-driven studios with power and internet backup. We do not just share a desktop with you!
    • Content: All theory is provided live with our Instructors, there is no prerecorded content or additional self study required.
  • Delivery Options:
    • Continuous: Complete the theory component over consecutive days
    • Staggered: Complete the theory component over several weeks during the day
    • Night: Complete the theory over several weeks at night
    • Weekends: Complete the theory over several weeks on weekends
  • Participant Package: Prior to the theory session, you will be sent a package containing all the materials you require
    • Textbook: Digital Textbook (with ongoing updates) and Printed Textbook
  • Student Ratios: We aim to keep the classes small to enhance learning
    • Generally there will be two Instructors
    • No more than 6 students per Virtual Classroom session

Practical Component:

  • Delivery Method: Face to face / In-person
    • Ensuring compliance with all COVID restrictions as applicable
  • Components Completed:
    • Theory: Finalising the theory and assessment and the introduction to the practical
    • Practical: Flying to obtaining your mandatory 5 hours (minimum) of training and final assessment
  • What to bring:
    • Just appropriate clothing and the course textbook
    • We supply everything else required
  • What RPAs (aircraft / drones) will I fly and in what modes?
    • RPAs: We train on a variety on RPAs and strive to ensure you get to try as many types as possible
    • Flight Modes: You will fly in a variety of flight modes
    • You will also be taught about automated flight and role equipment (payloads / cameras /etc).
  • Student Ratios: We aim to keep the classes small to enhance learning
    • Generally there will be two Instructors
    • One-on-One Practical Flying with dedicated Instructor

Course Availability / Schedule

To see the upcoming course dates, please select your preferred assessment centre (for the face to face component).

The dates listed below are for the practical close-outs. Once you have selected your preferred close-out dates, you will be provided options for the thoery component. Wicked Copters offers the theory a number of session options, but some can take several weeks to complete.

Wicked Copters will work with you throughout the course and we are able to delay your preferred assessments if required.

The duration shown is minimum time required for this course. It may take longer due to environmental factors and your individual progress. If you add-on additional courses then the total duration will be a combination of all the course durations.

RePL 25kg PL
with AROC / ELP

Theory: 3 Days
Practical: 2 Days
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The RPA Theory and Operation training course gives students with no manned aviation experience (or existing RePL) the pathway to gain an RePL (Powered Lift) that is focused on the operation of an RPA. This course has been approved by CASA to comply with the 10 April 2020 Part 101 MOS requirements.

There is no minimum age to hold an RePL, but you must be at least 17years of age to hold an AROC. All RePL holders also require an English Language Proficiency (ELP).

Besides the minimum age and a general proficiancy in English, there are no pre-requisites.

The course is not difficult, and we strive to ensure every pilot gets the dedicated training they require. Some students do need additional training, and within reason we do not charge additional fees.

  • CASA-Issued Powered Lift Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)
  • Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC) and English Language Proficiency (ELP)
  • Transitional flight
  • Flexible online face to face webinar theory available day and evenings (including weekends)
  • Printed Notes and access to regularly updated digital notes before, during and after the course
  • All CASA fees included, no hidden costs
  • If you added any additional courses, you will receive those as well
The CASA-Issued Powered Lift Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) takes 6-7 days to complete. The theory is completed over 3 days in our Virtual Classroom with the remaining 3-4 days for the practical close-out.

The Wicked Copters Virtual Classroom has been approved by CASA. We utilise purpose built TV-like studios for our Virtual Classroom with backups available for power and internet. To deliver interactive online face-to-face training, we use high tech hardware used for media broadcasting to TV.

The studios have sound boards with high quality microphones and advanced noise reduction systems. The content you see is not a shared desktop but multiple computers, tablets and electronic white boards to provide you with a high tech course. All you need is a computer, tablet or phone combined with a speaker and microphone.

Most of our Virtual Classroom sessions will have two Instructors (each in their own studio) for redundancy.

This course has been approved by CASA under the Part 101 Manual of Standards. During this course you will be taught and assessed on:

Aeronautical Knowledge:

  • Basic Aviation Knowledge
  • Electrical and Electronic Systems
  • Basic Meteorology
  • Human Performance
  • Operation Rules and Air Law
  • Airspace, Charts & Aeronautical Publications
  • Knowledge of Operations and Procedures
  • Automated Flight Management Systems
  • Aeronautical Knowledge and Operation Principles
  • RPA with liquid-fuel system
  • Radio Communications

As well as completing your General English Language Proficiency (GELP) requirements to hold the RePL / AROC. Wicked Copters conducts CASA-approved ELP notices and assessments for Level 6.

Practical Competency Standards:

  • Perform pre- and post-operation actions and procedures
  • Energy management
  • Manage crew, payload, and bystanders
  • Navigation and operations
  • Non-technical skills
  • Automated flight management systems
  • Control on ground, launch, hover and landing
  • Transitional flight
  • Climb, cruise and descent
  • Advanced manoeuvres
  • Operation in abnormal situations and emergencies

You will control the RPA in GPS and non-GPS modes with a range of aircraft over a minimum of 5 hours.

We are able to provide discounts for group bookings, multiple training courses or with hardware / software. If you are wanting to pay the course over instalments, we offer that too!

If you qualify for community or personal grants, contact us for the discounted rate, and we can supply you with documentation, as required.

Within reason, any need to adjust your theory or practical sessions we do not charge rebooking fees. We never have.

If for any reason you were unable to complete your course in full, we will reschedule you to the following course.

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