As we all face the challenges and preventative measures currently in place in Australia, we have taken proactive steps to ensure our clients are kept as safe as possible when training with us.

  1. Make use of our online training RePL courses, studied in the safety of your home or workplace, eliminating the need for face to face contact with our instructors for most parts of our courses.
  2. We have a range of e-learning systems including  Digital Notes, Apps, Webinars, and LMS systems for enhancing remote learning.
  3. For existing students, if your workplace currently requires you to not engage in group face to face training sessions at present, after April 10 we will migrate you to the new RePL courses at no additional cost. Locations may change, however.
  4. All our equipment and drones are cleaned after use and we provide handwashing facilities, in addition to the usual sunscreen, drinking water, etc at our sites.
  5. All classroom based courses are on hold. Only the online courses are currently running, with the face to face closeouts being conducted outdoors.
  6. On request, we can do one on one face to face closeouts, to ensure your corporate team members are not all attending the same course closeout to limit potential exposure.
  7. Our instructors are now divided into groups to potentially not expose all instructors together on the same course, running one week on, two weeks off for face to face rosters.
  8. Our online store is only supplying via online orders and deliveries with no face to face contact.  Packages from suppliers and to our clients may endure longer lead times due to transportation COVID-19 protocols outside of our control.