CASA Remote Pilot Licence (RePL sub 7kg and 25kg Drone Licence Training)

Wicked Copters provides leading CASA Approved Drone Training for all sub 7kg and sub 25kg Remote Pilot Licences, Operation Training and AROC/ELP courses across Australia every week.

Students receive their online notes immediately on payment (printed notes and the practical flight training assessment requirements, available on request).

Drone Night Flying (N-VLOS) and Extended VLOS (E-VLOS) Certification course now available to help Chief Remote Pilots and Pilots flying under a ReOC to meet and comply with their special operations and procedures.

10% discount for full payment on order for training, plus discounts are available for groups of two or more.

As leaders in remote aviation operations and training, we are the CASA approved RePL training organisation providing sub 25kg Multi Rotor, Aeroplane, Helicopter and soon Powered Lift RePL drone licence courses.  All our RePL courses are updated and approved by CASA, and include the October 17 Directive, the July 2018 Advisory Circulars and the GAF  forecast / GPWT tables.

All our students are issued with a CASA sub 25kg Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) which also enables you to fly at night and in close proximity to people in accordance with your ReOC approvals and procedures. We cover the night flying and close proximity procedures as part of our courses.

Group bookings receive discounts when attending the same course, as do courses bundled with an aircraft. 

If you are in a location that is not listed below and would like to attend a course, please contact us.

Course Syllabus:

Our leading RePL drone training program has been developed by Wicked Copters, continually updated and approved by CASA. We supply every student with our 300+ page digital book, as well as a printed copy if requested. Our courses are detailed and in depth, but we ensure you understand and achieve competencies on all topics before moving on to any assessments.

2018 Course Syllabus

Our 2018 RePL courses, recently updated, cover the following topics in detail aligned to RPA operations in Australia:

  • Basic Aviation Knowledge
  • Electrical and Electronic Systems
  • Meteorology
  • Human Factors
  • Operation Rules and Rules of the Air
  • Airspace, Charts & Aeronautical Publications
  • Knowledge of Operations and Procedures
  • Aircraft Operation (Practical)
  • Radio Communications
  • (AROC and ELP if required)

In addition, we cover the following:

  • Night flying operations
  • Close proximity to people
  • Applicable Advisory Circulars and October 17 Directive
  • Electronic Flight Bags
  • ReOC responsibilities and operations job sheets
  • Insurance Cover
  • Scenario Reviews
  • Photography and mapping applications


Our course is either a fulltime Instructor led or Virtual Online Theory Study with 2 days of instructor led review, training and assessment. For those who do not have a UAV/RPA /Drone, we do supply training craft (eg: Mavic Pro, Phantom, Inspire, S1000 and M600 Pro, aeroplanes and helicopters) for sub 25kg and sub 25kg Restricted weight classes.  We also have great bundles (see table below) which include the Remote Pilot Licence, AROC, ELP, ReOC assistance and assessment.

Upon completion of the relevant RePL Drone Licence Course you will receive a CASA sub 25kg remote pilot licence to operate ANY Multi-Rotor, Aeroplane or Helicopter. If you want to upgrade your restricted (formerly sub 7kg) licence or hold a manned aviation licence, no worries, we do conduct Operation Training up to 25kg, and theory training for up to 150kg.

Where and When:

We run our our RePL courses in the main cities during the weeks listed below.  We also run our courses in regional areas and towns too. See all our course locations here. 

MonthAdelaideCanberraBrisbaneDarwinMelbourneSydneyPerthiBEV mobile training
Australia Wide
Oct 20181 Oct15 Oct8 Oct,
22 Oct
10 Oct9 Oct,
29 Oct
22 Oct29 OctEnroute
Nov 20185 Nov12 Nov5 Nov,
19 Nov
7 Nov26 Nov19 NovEnroute
Dec 201810 Dec10 Dec3 Dec,
17 Dec
3 Dec10 Dec17 Dec3 DecEnroute


What do I need?

We provide the textbook and training aircraft (of which we have a number of different types) and all the assessments. So whether you are an experienced Remote Pilot, or just a beginner (even if you have never flown before) – we cater for all experience levels.

Just your ARN:

You need to apply for your ARN from CASA before we can lodge your RePL application after the course. There is no cost involved.

CASA has changed to the way you apply for your Aviation Reference Number. One hundred points of ID will be required for all applications from 2 July 2018. Where your ID can be validated online, an ARN will be issued immediately.


We cover all the costs related to the Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) and there are no ongoing costs as your licence is perpetual.

10% discount for payment in full on order, plus discounts for groups of two or more.

Drone Licence Training Courses

  CASA Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)
Multi RotorAeroplanePowered
Prior Flight
Drone Weight Class<7kg<25kg<7kg<25kg<7kg<7kg<25kg
From Beginner to Experienced Remote PilotRePL - Online or 4 day ClassFrom
From $2395From $3495From $2995From $2995From $5995
Radio Licence with ELP When completed
with RePL Course
RPAQ Advanced Training
Experienced Pilots
Practical Night Flying and Close Proximity Certification$395$395XXXXX
Photography / Waypoints Course$695$695$695X$695XX
Mapping / Surveying Course$1495$1495$1495X$1495XX
3D Modelling Course$1995$1995$1995X$1995XX

Business and Drone Bundles

  Sub25kg Restricted
Drone Weight Class<7kg<25kg
RePL <7 Multi Rotor, <7 Aeroplane ComboOnline plus 2 daysFrom $3295X
RePL <25 MR, <7 Aero, <7 PL, AROC and ELPOnline plus 2 daysX$4495
RePL, AROC and ReOC Business BundlesOnline or 4 day classSelect your options hereSelect your options here

Manned Pilot Conversion and Operations Training

  CASA sub 25kg Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)
Multi RotorAeroplaneHelicopter
Prior Flight
Restricted - Brisbane
Drone Weight Class<7kg<25kg<7kg<25kg<7kg<25kg
From Beginner to Experienced PilotOnline plus half dayFrom
- 2 days
- 2 days
- 3 days
Advanced Training
Experienced Pilots
Practical Night Flying and Close Proximity Certification$395$395XXXX
Practical Night Flying CertificationXX$1000$2000$2000$4000